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Grade written assignments and discussion boards with ease through Turnitin.

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Similarity Reports

Similarity Report Overview

Turnitin serves several functions when it comes to grading, both for you as the instructor and for your students.

This video walks you through the basics of Turnitin's Similarity Report that you can view while grading written assignments and in Turnitin Draft Coach, which students can access in Google Docs as they write.

Turnitin now offers AI detection as well, letting you know how much of a student's paper may have been generated by AI like ChatGPT.  You can read more about this feature here on their website.

Draft Coach

Setting Up Draft Coach

Since all email addresses are Google accounts, all students and faculty should have access to Turnitin Draft Coach in Google Docs.

To access Draft Coach, open up a Google Doc, then click on Extensions at the top of the screen.  Click on Turnitin, then Turnitin Draft Coach.

If you are using Draft Coach for the first time, you will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions pictured here, then click Continue to Turnitin.

You will then have the option to run a Similarity Check to see where your writing is similar to or the same as other sources.  You can only run a Similarity Check 3 times in a document.  This is to dissuade students from running similarity checks repeatedly to ensure they have changed just enough to get a low similarity percentage.

You also have the option to run a Citations Check for MLA, APA, or Chicago citation styles, as well as a Grammar Check.  These checks have no limit on how many times they can be run in a document.

Draft Coach Terms and Conditions
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