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The Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology wants to help you design meaningful educational experiences for your students. Oftentimes, this involves leveraging technology.

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Why Integrate Technology?

Why Technology?

There are many reasons to want to integrate technology in the classroom. At the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology we can help you leverage technology to:

  • Meet our students (many of whom are digital natives) where they are

  • Diversify the ways in which students engage with your content

  • Prepare students for integrating technology in their jobs, their classes, and their volunteer endeavors

  • Automate repetitive tasks

  • Increase speed, responsiveness, or adaptability

  • Free up time for interpersonal connection​​

Less-Helpful Reasons to Integrate Technology 

When Not to Use It

Technology can be a positive tool for learning, but it is best to set out with a strong goal for what you want the technology to help you do. It helps to be targeted.


You will probably get more use out of technology if you set out to say, "I want to use technology to make my formative assessments better, maybe with with timelier feedback or peer evaluation" rather than set out saying: 

  • Tech tools are cool and I want to look hip.

  • Everyone is doing it, so I guess I have to get on board.

Think about what your goals are use the right tool for the job.

Find the Right Tool For the Job

Right Tool For the Job


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