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Panopto is Eastern University's NEW video platform where you can upload, edit, watch, and create quizzes on videos for your students.

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Panopto Overview

Panopto Overview

Want to learn the basics of Panopto within Brightspace? Check out this official walkthrough created by Panopto that covers everything from creating videos to adding in-video quizzes to embedding them in your course.

Embedding Panopto Videos

So you have a video in your Panopto folder that's ready to be added to your course, but you're not sure how to embed it into Content for students to access?  This detailed guide put together by Panopto will walk you through the steps of embedding the video within your course.

In-Video Quizzes

Creating and Embedding Video Quizzes in Your Course

For some of the videos in your course, you may want to ensure students are understanding key concepts that will be important as they progress through the course.  Panopto allows you to create in-video quizzes to assess student learning on concepts covered in your video.

To learn how to create them and embed them in your course, follow this step-by-step guide put together by CTLT's Instructional Design team.

Course Copy

Panopto and Course Copy

If you've copied a course with Panopto videos, you may notice that the links to embedded videos appear broken. Never fear! There's just one small box you need to check to make those links work in your new course. Follow the steps outlined in the official guide below to complete your course copy with Panopto.

Didn't find the information you were looking for?

Send us an email at, and we'll help you answer any questions you have about Panopto.

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